We present a new visual identification of the Kazar brand. We have refreshed our image including logotype, monogram, elements of branding on products and packaging. The monogram is still based on the letter K, but in an updated version. The combination of the two intertwining K letters takes on a new meaning and emotion.

The new logotype is modern and at the same time elegant and subtle. We focused on simplicity and legibility in accordance with the global trends in branding and visual communication.

The logotype and monogram gain a leading role in product branding and are a decorative element of shoes, bags and other accessories. Boxes, bags, labels, gift cards etc. are also refreshed.


The change of visual identification is being carried out gradually, and the new logotype and monogram will be introduced together with the new Pre-fall collection.

The product offer, on the other hand, does not change and is still wide and diverse. It will include our customers' favourite models made of the highest quality materials, unique designs of the new season in line with fashion trends, timeless, classic cuts and original, stylish novelties.