An orphanage environment, as a substitute for the family home, cannot always meet the needs or help to fulfil the dreams of the children despite the huge commitment of the staff. Therefore, we consistently support local institutions and willingly take action to solve problems, including: refunding the cost of extra-curricular activities, foreign language classes, children's shoes and Christmas presents.


Since 2006 we have provided continual support for the activities of the Children’s Home "NASZA CHATA" in Przemyśl.


We respond to the needs of many institutions including:


Janusza Korczaka Children's Home in Długie,


Children's Home in Nowa Sarzyna,


The 'Mieszko' Children and Young People's Home in Rzeszów,


St. Brat Albert Children's Home in Stalowa Wola,


Children's Home nr 1 in Jarosław,


Children's Home w Skopanie,


Family Children's Home in Tarnobrzeg,


Family Children's Home in Głowience,


Children's Home in Krosno,


Bronisław Markiewicz Children's Home in Prałkowce,


Children's Home in Żyznów,


Baby Jesus Children's Home in Rudnik,


Children's Home in Strzyżów.





Zambia is one of the poorest countries in Africa. We had the opportunity to see up close the lives of its inhabitants. This is the place where, apart from extreme poverty, the society faces many other problems. Our attention was drawn to St. Lawrence House of Hope, an organization working in Lusaka aimed at the protection and rehabilitation of children affected by homelessness. All the employees of our company are involved in the support for the House of Hope. The people we have taken care of were presented essentials, school supplies and shoes.




Adaptation of children and young people to live in society, increasing opportunities by aligning developmental delay, school expansion and therapeutic activities pose a great challenge for the educational and welfare institutions. Awareness of the importance of these activities makes us responsible for their implementation. Therefore, we methodically support childcare centres providing them with financial assistance and footwear for children and youth. Our support was given to:


The Prevention and Educational Catholic Common Room in Przemyśl


District Socialization Centre in Sanok


Congregation of the Sisters of St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Education Centre in Widełka


Catholic Education Centre in Miejsce Piastowe


Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence Catholic Education Centre in Łąka


Children's and Youth's Home in Przemyśl


St. Barbara Education Centre in Tarnobrzeg