If the quality of a purchased product turns out to be unsatisfactory, you have the right to lodge a complaint. We are responsible for delivering products without any physical and legal defects. We undertake that, in the event of any defects in the products we sold, we will make every effort to maintain the level of trust you have in us.

The basis and extent of liability for defects are set out in the provisions of the Consumer Rights Act 2015.


You can send a complaint in writing to Kazar’s Customer Service:

Kazar Group Sp. z o.o.
Customer Care
ul. Lwowska 154
37-700 Przemyśl

marked "Complaint"


To ensure that the complaint procedure proceeds smoothly, it is advisable to include in the complaint in particular:

  • your full name,
  • your address for correspondence, the email address and the phone number 
  • the date of purchasing the product,
  • the type of product the complaint is about,
  • a precise description of the defect and the date on which it was noticed,
  • your demands, and the way in which you would like to be informed about the course of the complaint procedure (i.e. email, SMS and etc.).

We ask that, when making a complaint, you also provide the defective product and proof of purchase. This may be, for example, a receipt or invoice, a copy of a receipt or invoice, a bank statement or other proof that will help us to determine the circumstances, such as date of sale, type of product sold and price.

In order to make a complaint, you can use the complaints form.

Complaints Form.pdf

You do not have to use the complaint form provided. It is only an example that can be used or referred to if making a complaint.

If you choose to make a written complaint to Kazar’s Online Store, you can do it in a few simple steps:


Please ensure the appropriate protection of the goods against damage in shipment. We ask that the goods being complained against are sent clean and dry.


Address and send the parcel to:

Kazar Group Sp. z o.o.
Customer Care
ul. Lwowska 154
37-700 Przemyśl

marked "Complaint"


You can make complaints about the Newsletter and other electronic services, including irregularities in the operation of the Online Store by email to the following address: or by telephone by calling Customer Service on +48 16 677 6000. It is open Monday to Thursday from 9AM to 5PM (GMT + 1:00), Friday from 9AM to 8PM, Saturday from 10AM to 6PM  (calls are charged at your operator’s regular rates).

These types of complaint should include: a description of the matter referred to in the complaint, the email address provided when registering the Customer Account or in the order form or reservation, and the email address or postal address to which a response to the complaint should be sent, if you would like to receive a response to the complaint to an email address that is different to the one provided when registering the Customer Account or in the order form or reservation.



We will consider your complaint and will address it immediately, within 14 days from the date of filing the complaint. We will inform you about how the complaint will be dealt with in accordance with the method requested when submitting the complaint (e.g. by email or letter).

Consideration of complaints concerning services newsletter, and other services provided electronically and answering about the way the complaint will take place immediately, not later than 14 days from the date we receive the complaint. The method of handling complaints concerning services Newsletter and other services provided electronically will be informed, in accordance with the data indicated by you in filing the claim.



Consumers can use non-judicial means of dealing with complaints and redressing claims:

  1. The European Consumer Centres Network assists in resolving cross-border disputes. For more information about non-judicial ways of dealing with complaints and claims as well as the rules on access to these procedures under your jurisdiction, please visit: or
  2. Consumers can also use the platform for online dispute resolution (ODR platform), in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No 524/2013 of 21 May 2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC (Regulation on Consumer ODR). The European ODR platform is to facilitate an independent, impartial, transparent, effective, prompt and fair court settlement of online disputes between consumers and traders concerning contractual obligations arising from online sales or service contracts concluded between consumers living in the European Union and the businesses established in the European Union.

    An electronic link to the ODR platform is

    Also please be reminded of Kazar Group Sp. z o.o. email addresses:
  1. The use of non-judicial means of dealing with complaints and redressing claims is voluntary and may take place when both parties agree to it.


In addition, you can use the following extrajudicial means of dealing with complaints and claims:

  1. (for sales in the UK) if the seller has not considered the complaint within eight weeks, or if the proposed solution is not satisfactory, you can make a complaint to the Retail Ombudsman. You can find the relevant form at:,
  2. (for sales in the UK) you can ask for free legal advice from the Citizens Advice service. More information is at:,
  3. (for sales in the UK) you can use alternative dispute methods. A list of institutions offering these services in the UK can be found at:,
  4. You can send the relevant Regional Inspectorate of Trading Standards Association (Wojewódzki Inspektorat Inspekcji Handlowej) a request to initiate mediation proceedings on the amicable settlement of the dispute:
  5. You can send the permanent consumer court of arbitration, operating at the Regional Inspectorate of Trading Standards Association a request to resolve a dispute arising from a contract. The list of permanent consumer courts of arbitration is on the website of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection at:,
  6. You can ask for free legal aid to the municipal or consumer ombudsman, or a social organisation dealing with consumer protection, for example the Consumer Federation (Federacji Konsumentów) www address: